Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, October. Woof.

Today was one of those perfect fall days ... sunny and breezy one moment, the next moment overcast and a harbinger of what's to come.

I've had a lot on my mind. Some things I just need to put onto paper and sit someplace quiet and sort out myself. Others I can do nothing about but pray. For intervention. Guidance. Grace.

I also just finished with a pretty extensive DIY project - installing about 600sf of laminate flooring - and in the week it took me to finish it I let some other things slide. So of course now certain areas are in chaos until I find time to pick up the pieces.

This afternoon I needed to get away from all the crap about the government shutdown - on TV, online - and away from the phone and e-mail and just breathe for a few minutes. So I grabbed my camera (which was dusty! For shame.) and took my sweet, silly Gunnar for a walk down the driveway to grab the mail and say hi to my brother-in-law's dog, Baby.

It felt so good to just watch them play and smell the leaves and feel the breeze on my face. I got down on my belly and rolled around with them and got some great photos. It's amazing what a little time outside with our four-legged friends can do for the soul.

How can this not make a person smile?

My handsome boy.

I just love those expressive eyes.

 Giving Baby a little love.

 Rollin' around. We should all do this now and then, no?

 Hmm. Ball or apple?

 Oh, that tongue. Gunnar's just about worn out by this point.

Sweet Baby. There's a lot of energy in that little dog.

"Hey, that's MY ball!"

 Pure joy.

Dogs are so intelligent. We sure could learn a lesson or two from them. Like, need a pick-me-up? Go outside, meet a friend and toss a ball around. Voila!

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