Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey, what just happened?

This morning I woke the kids like I do every morning for school, but they did not respond the way they always do.

Oh, Rachel got up right away like she usually does. But Sam typically waits until the last possible second and springs out of bed, hustles to get dressed, and grabs something to eat on the way out the door.

Not this morning. By the time I had walked to the other end of the house and back after waking them up, Sam was out of bed and dressed.

I was speechless.

Then he came out to the kitchen and had a few pleasant exchanges with me and Rachel, fed the kitten, and asked if he could take the dog out.

I'm not kidding. He actually said, "Mom, can I take Ladybug out?"

Someone get me the smelling salts.

OK, he asked about the dog because she was still in her crate. She usually doesn't wake up and stretch until after I take the kids to the bus, but this morning she must've had to go potty earlier than usual so when Sam passed by her crate she sat up and looked at him with those sad eyes.

But I still can't believe he offered to take her out.

There was no fighting, no yelling, no ugliness in the house this morning.

I don't know where the aliens took my son, but they can keep him. I like the one they left behind. So far, anyway.

~ ~ ~

In other news, it was NOT my husband who bought the winning Power Ball ticket at an adult book store here in Michigan. As of this posting, the purchaser of the ticket has not yet come forward and the media are having a field day with the whole thing. 

Personally I don't give a hoot where the person bought the ticket - they're going to be a 100+millionaire!! I suppose there might be some uncomfortableness related to where he or she got the ticket, but really, can't we be adults about this?

Just in case, I sent Steve a text this morning to let him know if he is the winning ticket holder he should go ahead and claim the prize. $100 million could help me get over the adult book store thing really quickly.

Alas, he is not holding any Power Ball tickets, much less a winning one. The whole idea of it was worth a good laugh, though.

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