Friday, February 7, 2014

Starting a new chapter.

There's a lot happening for the Pipe Lifers these days.

Well. At least a lot more than has been happening over the last couple months while Steve was laid off.

After start dates got pushed back and pushed back again, Steve ultimately changed employers to one that could get him back to work now. He left Sunday and started work in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. I miss him. I miss him like crazy, especially after being a little bit spoiled by having him here 24/7 since Thanksgiving. But it doesn't take me or the kids long to get back into our "normal" routine here at home. And I know Steve's glad to be back out there working to provide for his family.

The difference this go-round is that I went back to work this week, too. (Squeeee!)

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a homemaker and focus on raising our kids for the past six years. That doesn't seem very long in the grand scheme of things, but that's half my little girl's life! I've done a few short-term or very-very-part-time jobs here and there, but nothing on a regular schedule since I left my last full-time job.

There was much consternation (only from me ... because nobody else in the house seemed to care one way or the other) over whether I really wanted to give up my wide-open days. This is serious business, people! I haven't had to answer to anybody for six years. I haven't even had to get out of my sweatpants most days. That might've factored into my decision a little bit. *ahem* I might've needed a little ... encouragement ... to DO SOMETHING. I mean, it's not like I don't do anything when I'm home, but I certainly don't jump out of bed and shower and get dressed and put makeup on every day. I am just not one of those women. Couple that with a tougher-than-usual winter and being virtually snowed in for days on end and I am ready to fly the coop.

I started my new job Wednesday. It's part-time, Monday-Thursday. It's at the city offices in the town where my kids go to school, a fact which landed squarely in the "pro" column. Also a pro: I was already acquainted with everyone in the office. And I'll always have Fridays off because the office is closed Fridays.

Cons? We all know it costs money to get to work. Gasoline is one of our biggest expenses anyway because we live in the middle of nowhere. During busy times (sports, driver's training) I make several trips to town each week, so it's hard to tell how much more I'll spend on gas, if any more at all. But I know I need to pick up a few items of clothing, because y'all? I have a pair of corduroy pants. Oh, and a few sweaters that will get me by, but pants? This gal is lacking. I even wear jeans to church. And it's not like I have a closet full of jeans, either. Lucky me, lots of cold weather clothing is already on the clearance racks. I might poke around when I'm out and about this weekend.

So ... that's the big story for us these days - we're both back to work. I'm excited. It feels good to have a little more purpose each day as the kids need me less and less.

I've got two days under my belt. So far, so good.

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