Sunday, April 8, 2012

Clean Slate Sunday: Easter 2012 edition

I sure wish I had gotten a picture of our family at church this morning. I've really enjoyed seeing the pictures friends are posting on Facebook of their children and families all decked out in their Easter best. But it was a small miracle all four of us made it to the sunrise Easter Vigil this morning anyway ... I didn't want to push it by asking the kids to feign bright eyes and bushy tails for a family photo.

It's been a really nice day. I always love walking into our church on Easter morning and - after the solemnity of Good Friday and a stripped altar - seeing the bright white linens, smelling all those pretty spring flowers, and watching the kids turn their heads to see candy-filled Easter eggs tucked in every corner, on every window ledge, in each pew, and scattered all over the place. I love the celebration, the reminder that we are forgiven, the fellowship with friends and family.

And so here we are again on a Sunday evening, a full weekend in the rear-view mirror, Steve back to work for the week, and household tasks calling my name.

I am ready for summer. I'm ready to ditch the alarm clock and let Sunday night be just another night. I do appreciate routine and my kids seem to do best when we have at least some semblance of a schedule, but I'm plum tired of school mornings. I'm tired of always feeling like we're rushed to eat dinner, finish homework and get the kids prepared for the next day, every evening. I'm ready to relax.

I'm looking forward to getting some things done in the yard this week. The grass needs to be mowed (I can't believe it, considering it's only April 8) and there is some cleanup to do still. Other than that I only have a couple of things on the calendar ... though it tends to fill in pretty quickly once the week gets started.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and blessed Easter. Looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow ...

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