Friday, February 3, 2012

On the road to recovery. Or more aptly titled: How would you know if you couldn't remember what you forgot?

It is only because Sam is doing well after thumping his melon that we can joke about it.

For instance, I have to laugh about what the ER doctor told me to expect over the next few days and weeks: Sam might be more emotional than usual; it might be a little more difficult to wake him up; he might have trouble focusing and might be forgetful.

None of those things would alarm me coming from this particular child.

The hospital discharge papers say "a concussion occurs when there is a blow to the head with enough force to shake up the brain."

A 13-yr-old kid with a jumbled up brain? Imagine.

In all seriousness, Sam's doctor told him today he is doing great neurologically and just needs to take it easy for a while. No rough-housing. No contact sports - so his Saturday bowling league is fine. But no skiing for a few weeks.

Sam is beyond bummed out that he can't ski. I am elated that the doctor made that call for us and I didn't have to be the meanie who told him NO.

Yesterday afternoon and today, Sam told me he hasn't had any trouble remembering things at school. My response to him is, "How do you know if you can't remember something?"


So, other than a mama's obvious concern over her kiddo's recent head trauma, things are returning to normal around here ... though the stress of the past couple days is catching up with me and I am exhausted. Early bedtime tonight, sleeping in tomorrow, and vegging out most of the weekend are all sounding pretty good right about now.

~ ~ ~

P.S. Thank you to all who did (and continue to) pray for Sam, sent good vibes our way, called, sent texts, and generally kept us in your thoughts. We are blessed to have so many people in our lives who care.


  1. I told Rachel that I wanted to know if it knocked sense into him...I only say that because I love you guys!! Hugs!!! So relieved that Sam is OK!

    1. Ha!! When I told Steve about Sam insisting he wanted to go to school Steve said "yeah, there's no doubt he hit his head." :D