Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've got some catching up to do.

And right now that seems like the understatement of the year.

The bebes and I returned this evening from another stint of visiting Steve in West Virginia. My brain and my body - as in, my bones and muscles and sleepy eyelids - are fried. I can hardly think straight, and I'm afraid not even a good night's sleep will help this time.

I just plain need to catch up and get through the next few days. And then catch up on some sleep. Then I'll be able to think.

Rachel has a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning to check up on a sore ear and throat.

After that I am going with my parents to an out-of-town funeral visitation for a long-time family friend.

But before any of that, there is unpacking and repacking to do; Sam is leaving with my dad tomorrow afternoon to go back to WV to pick up Steve and my brother and our camper and then head to Bristol, Tennessee, for this weekend's NASCAR race.

And Rachel and I need to pack for an overnighter this weekend with her Girl Scout troop at, of all places, a zoo.

And somewhere in all the running around I need to find time to buy some groceries, help the kids sort through their clothes to figure out what they need for school, call someone about getting this ridiculous smell out of our tap water (oh yeah, it's nasty and I have a feeling it's going to cost a lot of money), activate and maneuver my way around a new cell phone, clean out my truck (that's a whole different smell), pay a visit to the chiropractor, and heaven knows whatever else I just can't think of at the moment.

Life would be so much less interesting if we weren't so busy, right?

Say "right," mmkay?

'Cause that's what I'm gonna' keep reminding myself for the next few days.

In all seriousness, I sure do love this life of mine.

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