Thursday, November 1, 2012

What I'm doing today.

First, I must tell you that I adore my husband in so many ways, but some days I really really appreciate his handiness. I can do a lot by myself - I'm a pretty independent lady that way - but some projects I will 99 percent of the time save for Steve. Like anything involving plumbing or electrical work.

So it was with incredible excitement that I offered my loyal assistance to help Steve in any way I could as he relocated our washer and dryer over the course of his time off. It meant removing the corner garden tub from our master bathroom (I know, I know. But it was huge and awkward to get into and out of, and we hardly ever used it.), rewiring for new outlets, rerouting plumbing, and installing a new vent for the dryer, and then capping or removing all that stuff from the former location in the utility room. And all of that meant Steve did a good deal of shuffling around under the house in the crawl space. Bless him.

I told Steve moving the laundry from here to there would be life-changing for me. He chuckled. I wasn't kidding.

I think as our families grow and priorities change, if we are lucky enough to live in one place for several years, going in and out the same old doors, tip-toeing around the same corners to the same bathroom at night, pulling the dishes out of the same cupboards for breakfast, lunch and dinner, over time we all discover ways our homes could work better for us. It might mean trying a different setup with the furniture, or putting those dishes in the cupboard on the left instead of the right, or using the back door instead of the front door. For me, now that my babies aren't babies anymore and would rather shower than bathe, the giant tub in the corner was pretty useless. And it was taking up valuable real estate next to the door to my walk-in closet where my clean clothes should go. The utility room, where the washer/dryer used to be, is right off the living room. So we constantly had piles of clean clothes on the living room furniture (because there was no space in the utility room to do any folding, and somehow even once they are folded it's like pulling teeth to get anyone to put them away) and piles of dirty clothes up and down the hallway waiting to be laundered. I don't know about y'all, but that kind of chaos makes me crazy. Plus, nobody wants to air their dirty laundry - literally - to everyone who walks in the front door.

Now the washer and dryer are in the master bathroom with plenty of space for me to sort, fold and organize. Plus I can use the sinks in there if something needs soaking, and I can hang whatever needs to air dry in the shower or on the back of the closet door. A bonus: all of this is right under a skylight, so I don't feel like I'm doing laundry in a dungeon.

On the flip side, we now have a little more storage space in the utility room, so I can move some stuff out of other closets or spaces where they never really fit. Along with several loads of laundry, that's what I'm doing today.

Yes, this seemingly simple thing is life-changing for me. Because it makes our home run more efficiently and gives at least the appearance that we are somewhat organized. Will it magically make my children take their clean clothes to their bedrooms and put them away? Not likely. But they will eventually get tired of walking through mom's bedroom and bathroom to get to their laundry baskets, so there's hope. I'm not holding my breath, though.

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