Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tough day at the office.

Some parenting days are harder than others.

Yesterday was a tough one.

Today? Marginally better, so far.

It's really kinda' sad how one kid who requires some special attention can cause chaos in the lives of multiple people, namely his family. Plans get blown out of the water. Expectations diminish. Anger and frustration ensue. But not this time. We took control this time like we never have before.

Sam was disciplined again at school yesterday, causing him to have another day of suspension at home. He's not doing anything malicious, just stupid, irresponsible stuff that adds up over time.

Sam doesn't seem to think this is a big deal. We disagree.

We disagree so much that we decided it was time to show him just how serious it is. I spent some time yesterday - a day I had planned for other things - removing all the creature comforts from his bedroom. Like ... furniture. Clothing. Books. Toys. All of it. Except his bed and a change of clothes.

Now we'll see how much he takes for granted. We'll see if he starts to appreciate just how cushy his life has been, and how not cushy it will continue to be from this point forward if he doesn't do what is expected of him. We'll see if any of his things mean enough to him that he will do what it takes to earn them back.

Cruel? Nah. The kid still gets to eat and he has clothes on his back and a warm bed to sleep in. He has two parents and an extended family who love him. He has absolutely everything he needs.

Tomorrow's his birthday and I'm going to let him have cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I might even make him a cake. (OK, yes, I will make him a cake.)

See? I'm not totally heartless. He might tell you otherwise today, but I'm really not. 


  1. Dr. Phil would be so proud! :-) Our neighbor's 16 year old daughter got caught with a boy in her bedroom so she lost her door for 2 weeks. Worked like a charm!

  2. Holy Crap I love Camille's comment!! I'm gonna remember that one!! Hang in there're doing what you should be doing. Showing who's in charge and how actions have consequences.

  3. Bravo MAMA! It's people like you who aren't afraid to do the right thing, and stick to it, who are great role models for parents.