Thursday, June 17, 2010

The universe is laughing at me.

Ever feel that way? Just when you think you have it all together, you make one wrong move and the house of cards comes crashing down.

Well that might be a little dramatic for the particular episode I have on my mind, but that's what I get for being a little bit smug. For thinking "Hey, I got this!" too quickly. Because just at the moment when I begin to believe I have it all under control, that's when God likes to show me He still has a sense of humor.

Let's see if I can boil this down into a Reader's Digest version ...

I've been allowing my inner princess to make an appearance lately. She whines that her laptop has seen better days. She boo-hoos that the battery doesn't hold a charge at all anymore and the computer overheats to the point of shutting down regularly. A fan, you say? Well I have a fan. It's broken. Sort of. The fan works, but it's cantankerous. It has to be plugged into the USB port just so. And the stand that is supposed to prop the fan and laptop up so the air can circulate is broken, so the whole thing - laptop (plugged in), fan and all - is balancing precariously on the broken stand and leaning against the wall behind my desk.

Occasionally I bump it and the whole thing slides down and crushes the fan and I get this "RRRAARRRAARRRAARRR" from beneath the computer before the fan stops altogether. It's maddening.

Hence, the whiny princess. "I need a new computer, baby!"

My sweet, adoring husband just smiles at me. God, however, has apparently decided to use the appearance of the princess as a way to remind me (again) of the difference between wants and needs. And probably some nonsense about patience.

I want a new laptop.

Know what I need? A working refrigerator.

Go ahead, guess which one of those two things I don't have today. Mmmhmm.

Oh, it doesn't stop there. I didn't just walk into the kitchen grumbling about my computer, open the fridge and pour myself a glass of milk which turned out to be lukewarm. No, that's not all. It gets better.

I checked all the seals on the doors. I made sure the temperature knobs were set appropriately. I moved around some of the food to make sure there was proper airflow. But when I saw the back panel of the freezer I knew exactly what was wrong. The darn thing wasn't defrosting.

"Hey, I got this!"

The same thing happened a few years ago and it was an easy fix to replace the little defroster heater. Piece o' cake. Relatively inexpensive, too.

This is where I started to feel a little smug. I'm such a little smartypants! I'll have this fixed in no time, all by myself! I am woman, hear me roar!

I hopped on-line (thanks to that lovely workhorse of a computer) and ordered the part.

The wrong part.

The wrong part!

Yup. The moment I saw it I knew what I had done and my hopes for getting the freezer put back together relatively quickly were crushed.

Laugh? Cry? Shout expletives?

YES! But mostly I laughed.

I went back to my computer - my one and only, the one I love, the one that is quirky but still works - got back on-line and processed a return and ordered the right part.

And then I stuffed that princess back into her little box and duct taped it shut.

Now here I sit, waiting for the friendly FedEx man. Again.

And quite humbly, I might add.

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