Friday, April 9, 2010

Why payday and Home Depot don't mix.

Most Fridays I head to town - about 30 miles from home - to do some banking because Fridays are payday and Steve's paycheck is direct-deposited into the "work" checking account and I need to transfer some money over to the "general fund" checking account at a different bank to pay bills.

Perhaps we could simplify this system, but this one works for me because come Friday there is always something I need from town anyway. Sometimes it's just that I need to get out of the house and that's fine, too. Of course I always keep a little cash out for the essential stuff like groceries, kids' activities and birthday parties, church offerings, and whatever else pops up. Like bargain books. Or iced coffee. *ahem*

So this morning I took off with a dollar figure in my head and my list of two items for Home Depot - an extra bucket of grout for the tile floor (just to be on the safe side when I finally hit the final stage of that project this weekend) and a can of brown spray paint for a wicker chair I plan to transform from OK to fabulous.

Two items. TWO.

I left the store with five items and the dimensions of a few shelving units written down in the little notebook I keep in my purse. Now that I've measured the space for said shelves, I'll be going back to the HD tomorrow to buy them.

So technically, six items.

There must be some kind of pheromone or something on those shopping carts that causes people to want to browse at home improvement stores.

I don't know about you, but browsing at Home Depot + payday = potential budget disaster for me. Fortunately this time I made it out relatively unscathed, even after I go back and get those shelves tomorrow. Just to be on the safe side, though, I think I'll relegate any home improvement store shopping to the middle of the week.

Oh, and for the record? Payday and Walmart aren't a great combination, either.


  1. I love having multiple accounts at one credit union. My mom has her account, my husband had one, and I have one and they're all linked so that I can move money around from one to the next instantly without paying any fees. All online. W00t!!

  2. I agree, Mindelei, I do love having our main checking account and savings account at one bank ... what did we ever do before on-line banking? I love it!